Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb. 5- CHD Awareness- Brayden's Story

Brayden was born May 31, 2008 with a moderate VSD, pulmonary and aortic stenosis. He was able to thrive for over 2 years until August 2010. He then became winded very easily and it was discovered that there was a muscle in his heart that was over growing (thickening) and it was causing restriction to the blood flow to his lungs. He was suffocating. On September 24, 2010, he had his 1st open heart surgery to trim the muscle, repair the VSD and the Stenosis(s). For a reason still unknown, his heartbeat never came back after surgery. He was diagnosed with a total heart block. He then had a permanent pacemaker implanted on September 30, 2010. He now is as healthy as he can be. His pacemaker doesn't slow him down, if anything it gives him energy to keep going and going. We call him the energizer bunny, because he really is run on a battery. He is a funny, smart, breakdancing kid!
He amazes us every day with his spirit!

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