Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb 10-CHD Awareness- Bennett's Story

Bennett was born December 30th, 2010 with Critical Aortic Stenosis. After birth, he was transported to CHOA where he immediately had a cath done to balloon his aortic valve in hopes to give him some growing time. This was successful and at 2 months of age, he went in to heart failure and had his 1st open heart surgery in which they replaced his aortic valve with his own pulmonary valve and he has a donor valve in place of his pulmonary valve. Unfortunately after surgery, he was struggling to survive and was placed on ECMO and we were given little hope for his survival but after 5 days of ECMO, he never took a step back! He has had 2 more heart caths since and we are currently waiting to get word when he will need the next surgery to replace the donor valve in the pulmonary position. The pressures on the right side of the heart are very high but he is having no symptoms at this time. The cardiologist says sometime this year, will probably be
when it will be time. We are so thankful to have this spunky little guy in our family. He has been such a blessing. He just celebrated his 2nd birthday which we were not promised and we are just so excited! My hope is that more people become educated about CHD. It affects so many kids and adults as well. I never thought about this until we had Bennett. Thank you for hearing my story! I would love for Olivia to meet him 1 day!!!

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