Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CHD Poem

This was posted by another heart mom and I wanted to share......

Heart mom lesson number ten...
Forget who you were...and who you have been,
Life is about...to take a detour,
And you will be shaken...to your very core.
You've just found out...something's not right,
How will you make it through this plight?
What can you do? What should you expect?
Of life with a child...with a heart defect?
Heart mom lesson number nine...
You'll learn to say...things are just fine,
When people stop... to just say hi,
There will be days...you long to cry.
Bound by worry, fear, and stress,
At times you'll think..."I am a mess",
You'll smile, thinking...can they tell?
Then say..."thank you we’re doing well".
Heart mom lesson number eight...
You'll learn just what it means to wait.
Patience is a virtue right?
Who really needs to sleep at night?
A hospital room... not a permanent state,
As each day passes... home must wait.
Patience is knowing...things won't stay the same,
Patience is accepting...a changing time frame.
Heart mom lesson seven here...
Our children's futures still aren't clear,
Innovations continue to thrive,
Each year more children will survive.
These children...and their families,
Will rise to fight...these CHD's.
Research...is imperative,
Our kid's deserve a chance...to live.
Heart mom lesson number six....
It's clear life holds no easy fix,
If life were perfect...in every way,
I guess...I'd have no need to pray,
I'd still be living...blind...and dim,
Forgetting...I must lean on HIM.
I cannot change the way things are,
But prayer makes God...seem not so far.
Heart mom lesson number five,
Cherish this day...your child's alive.
Today we frolicked in the snow,
(Did he like it? hmmm...well...no)
I watched him smile..as snowflakes fell,
I thought...thank God...he's doing well,
A bundled boy...warm hat...one glove,
No doubt about it...this is love.
Heart mom lesson number four...
There is always time for more,
More messes that need cleaning up,
More cartoons on tv,
More yes...I'm gonna tickle you,
(The best things remain free)
More bubbles in the bathtub,
More stories...one more song,
More this little piggie went to market,
One more...just can't be wrong.
Heart mom lesson number three...
Their special hearts...help us to see...
Did I always understand?
That God holds our lives in his hand?
Before my child...I took for granted,
The gifts in my life...that God surely planted,
Before my eyes...I missed them...how?
My heart child came...I see them now.
Lesson number two...take heart...
It is okay, to fall apart... It's not easy, we don't know...
Will we watch our children grow?
God looks to his angels...saying see why I chose her,
She's never afraid to lose her composure...
In her heart...she feels defiled,
But nothing will stop her... from loving her child.
Heart mom lesson...number one...
It must be said...we're never done!
That day...will never come you see,
We'll always face uncertainty,
But I will face each day unknown,
Taking heart...I'm not alone,
These lessons... remind me to cope,
Stand strong...believe...and always hope.

~Stephanie Husted

Friday, October 8, 2010

Reaching your potential is more than ideal. It's the Ultimate goal.

I was reading Oprah magazine when I read an article that she wrote that influenced me in writing this. I can so relate to what she writes:

As I write this the sun is shining and the leaves are changing and beginning to fall off  the trees. Nature has an easier time with transformation than we earthly beings do.  I know this because I'm in the midst of trying to transform myself from a control freak who sumerges herself into doing things for others and to try to stop asking why bad things continue to happen to me in my life. Trying to become a person who actually deals with and feels the feelings and doesn't repress them. The real excavation process-digging deep to uncover the underlying issues-feels alot like trying to shovel through Kilimanjaro. I keep hitting rock. This is one reason why I have started this blog. Not only to help spread awareness about CHD but to also share my story and hope that it will not only help others but myself as well.

What I have discovered, though: Rocks unattended turn into mounds, and then mountains.  They just keep getting bigger and bigger. You eventually have to face the giant hill in front of you no matter how long you choose to ignore it. And it's our job to do daily cleanups-in our work, our family, our relationships, our finances, our health and well being.

Ignoring problems is easier, for sure, but if we take even tiny steps to address them, those steps eventually become giant leaps on the journey to self-actualization. Reaching your potential as a human being is more than ideal.  It's the ultimate goal.  The wonders we're capable of have nothing to do with the measurement of mankind, the lists of what's in and what's out, who's hot and who's not.  I am talking about the real deal:  Who's life did you touch? Who did you love, and who loved you back?

This I know for sure matters.  For me, it's the only goal worth aiming for: a transformation of consciousness that allows me to know that I am no better or worse than any other being. That I simply am.