Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb 12-CHD Awareness- Lance's Story

Lance is a very happy-go-lucky 9 year old that sees the good in people and in life. When he was born, we had no idea he had any heart defects, but soon found out what would change our lives forever. Lance was born with an underdeveloped right ventricle and two holes in his heart. When he was 6 months old he had his first open heart surgery and recovered quite well from this surgery. Our lives seemed to be back to normal and that is how we strive to keep his life "normal" as possible. However, 4 years later he got really sick and we were told that he needed his next surgery which was the Fontan, this surgery made us very nervous, because we were told that this surgery would mean some time down the line, he would need a heart transplant. We had no choice, he was too sick to not have the surgery. We just prayed that he would be in the category of "needing a transplant" twenty years after the Fontan. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, Lance's Fontan was considered to be a " Failed Fontan". I will never forget that feeling, when I heard that term! It stills makes me sick to my stomach. After a couple attempts to help his heart, we had no choice, Lance needed a new heart. So many emotions rush to me whilewriting this...After going through the whole process, Lance was listed for his heart as "A1" status. Our prayers were answered very quickly, he got his gift of life 5 days from the date he was listed. We are so thankful for the donor's family, they were going through such a difficult time, yet they had enough heart to save so many others' lives. We think of them often and hope to meet them one day. We understand if this day doesn't come,but if it does, it will be in their time. Lance leads a very active life and is involved in so many sports and activities. Thank you for taking the time to read Lance's story and hope it raises awareness to DONATE LIFE!!


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